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L sealer with shrink tunnel

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Maximize Packaging Efficiency and Quality with Shrink Tunnels:

In today’s competitive marketplace, packaging plays a crucial role in capturing consumer attention and ensuring product integrity. To meet the growing demands of efficient and professional packaging, businesses across various industries are turning to innovative solutions. One such technology that has transformed the packaging landscape is the shrink tunnel. Try our cost-effective high-efficiency shrink tunnel for packaging purposes.

Shrink tunnels are an integral part of modern packaging operations, offering unmatched benefits in terms of efficiency, aesthetics, and product protection. These specialized machines utilize heat to shrink and conform packaging materials, creating a tight and secure seal around products. With their advanced features and customizable settings, shrink tunnels streamline the packaging process and deliver a visually appealing, tamper-proof, and professional end result.

L Sealer Machine:

  • Packaging Speed: 800-1200pcs/hr
  • Machine Weight: 110kg
  • Voltage: 240v/50hz
  • Power: 1.2kw
  • Speed: 20M/min
  • Machine Dimension: 1560x757x1040mm
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How to Operate:

Watch the video on how to operate the paste filler machine: https://youtu.be/sbDLGnzCuYc

Shrink Tunnel Machine:

  • Shrink Tunnel: 450-250mm
  • Machine weight: 90kg
  • voltage: 240v/50hz
  • Power: 6.5kw
  • Packaging Speed: 0-10m/min
Brief Details about L sealer with shrink tunnel

Machine Description:

An L-sealer with shrink tunnel is a type of packaging machine that is commonly used to wrap and seal product in plastic film. The machine consists of two main parts: the L-Sealer and the Shrink Tunnel.

The L-Sealer is a device that wraps and seal the product in a plastic film using heat. It has a sealing bar that moves down to seal the product from the top and bottom sides, creating a sealed pouch around the product. The sealing bar is often made of prevent the film from sticking to it.

The Shrink tunnel is the second part of the machine and is responsible for shrinking the plastic film evenly around the product, creating a tight and professional-looking packaging.

To operate the L-sealer with Shrink tunnel machine the product is placed on the infeed conveyor which carries it through the L-sealer where it’s wrapped and sealed in the plastic film. The sealed product is then transferred to the shrink tunnel by the outfeed conveyor. The shrink tunnel applies heat to the plastic film, shrinking it tightly around the product and the finished product is then conveyed out of the machine.

L-sealer with Shrink tunnel machines are commonly used for packaging wide range of products, including food items, electronics, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

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