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Product Details

Flow Wrap

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MODEL: Eminent-FW-M

  •  Product to be packed                                    – Rusk/Biscuits/Bakery Items
  • Quantity to be Packed                                   -Single/Multiple
  • Machine                                                           – Automatic Flow Wrap
  • Control                                                             – PLC Panel  or PLC with HMI
  • Temperature Controller                               – Digital Temperature Control/PID Type
  • Unwinding System                                        – Simplex
  • Sealing System                                               – Heat Sealers
  • Roll Width                                                            – 400 mm (Max.) 120 mm (Min.)
  • Pouch Size                                                            – 55mm (Width) x 55mm (Repeat) [Min.]

                                                                                           – 190mm (Width) x 300 mm (Repeat) [Max.]

  • Pouch Type                                                   – Centre Seal Pouch
  • Feeding system                                             -Manual/Auto Feeding (Optional)
  • All Product Contact parts and Covering  – Stainless Steel SS304 and Full SS Covering
  • Power Consumption                                    – 4 KW.
  • Power Supply                                                 – 220 V / AC / Single Phase / 50 Hz
  • Speed                                                             – up to 80ppm

(Depending upon the product and quantity to be packed)

Characteristics of product to be packed

Sizes of product to be packed

Consistency in Bulk density of the product


Brief Details about Flow Wrap

M/s Eminent Engineering Services Manufacture Fully Automatic Flow Wrap Machine, which is a very versatile machine which can wrap cylindrical, cubical and irregular shaped solid products like Rusk/Biscuits/Soap / Bottle / Bearing / Cake / Disposable syringe / Pencil Cells / Ice Cream / Piston Rings / Spark Plug / pre-filled pouches and Similar Product in pillow pack pouch.

The machine is Equipped and controlled by PLC (programmable logic control) and HMI (Human machine interface) keywords, which makes this machine operator friendly if required.

The machine can be provided with customized in-feed system in synchronization with the manufacturing process of the customer.

This machine is suitable for a wide range of heat sealable film as a packing material such as PET+POLY, PET+MET+POLY; laminates with aluminum foil and heat sealable BOPP etc.

The wrapper packages product by wrapping it in film. The wrapper has an infeed conveyor, a film feed assembly, a forming area, a cutting head, and a discharge area.Product is placed on the infeed conveyor. As the infeed conveyor delivers product to the forming area, film is drawn from the film.

M/s Eminent believes in providing the best quality products available in the market to meet the global Need.

The machine can be provided with various optional attachments (at an extra cost) like Nitrogen

Flushing and batch-cutting device, Batch Coding Device etc.

Since continuous development is a process at M/S Eminent and tailor made solutions are provided to

The customers, some of the features shown are subjected to change without prior notice.

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