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Automatic Packaging Machine

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Automatic Form Fill and Seal Machine:

MODEL: Eminent-FFS-M

  •  Product to be packed                                    – Granules/Powder/Liquid/Pate
  • Machine                                                           – Schute Base FFS
  • Control                                                            – Continuous Motion
  • Temperature Controller                              – PID/Digital type
  • Speed control                                                 – Step less output speed control by VFD
  • Unwinding System                                       – Simplex
  • Sealing System                                              – Heat Sealers
  • Pouch Type                                                    – Centre Seal Pouch/Three Side Seal/Four Side Seal
  • Filling system                                                – Cup Filling System
  • Product hopper capacity                             –  8-15 KG
  • All Product Contact parts                            – All Contact Parts Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • Motor                                                               – ½ H.P 1 Phase-Crompton Make
  • Power Supply                                                 – 220 V + 2% with neutral AC supply at 50 Hertz.
  • Accuracy                                                         – + 2%
  • Machine Weight                                           – Approx 300Kg
  • Speed                                                              – up to 60ppm

                                                                                  (Depending upon the product and quantity to be packed)

Output & Accuracy depends on the following:

Filling System

Characteristics of product to be packed

Quantity of a product to be packed

Consistency in the Bulk density of the product

Consistent level of product in the machine hopper

Maintaining RH in the packing room if the product is hygroscope in nature.


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How to operate:

Watch the video on how to manage the automatic packaging machine: https://youtu.be/D45kkTsIRyM

Brief Details about Automatic Packaging Machine

M/s Eminent Engineering Services Manufacture Schute Base Form Fill and Seal Machine Which is Customized as an Continous motion Machine and designed for the efficient packing of the Varieties of products like Rice,Tea, Namkeen, Bhujia, Sugar, Spices, Snacks Foods, Wafers, Detergent, Henna Powder, Salt, Wrapper Candies,Cheese Biscuits etc. in center seal pouches.
The machine is Equipped and controlled by Micro based Switches, which makes this machine operator friendly.

• Pouch Width-(Min=20mm/Max=100mm)
• Pouch Length-(Min = 50mm/Max = 200mm)
• Film Width-(Min = 50mm/Max = 220mm)

• Automatic and compact machine
• Simple operation and low maintenance
• Top quality components and best workmanship
• All contact parts are made of stainless steel
• Easy pouch length adjustability
• Machine mounted on coaster wheels for easy movement

This machine is suitable for a wide range of heat sealable film as a packing material such as PET+POLY, PET+MET+POLY; laminates with aluminum foil and heat sealable BOPP etc.

It is a versatile machine and the pouch width can be changed very easily by replacing the
Schute. This machine is customized with high precision Galvanized Gears and Cam, also Necessary part of machine is SS Covering.Full SS Covering can be customized with extra Cost to the customer if required.

M/s Eminent believes in providing the best quality products available in the market to meet the Global Need.

The machine can be provided with various optional attachments (at an extra cost) like Nitrogen
Flushing and batch-cutting device, Batch Coding Device etc.

Since continuous development is a process at M/S Eminent and tailor made solutions are provided to
The customers, some of the features shown are subjected to change without prior notice.

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